Welcome, My name is Elizabeth Young
& I am a Mindfulness Coach

I know what it feels like to be in your head, unsure, stuck, and believe you'll never get ahead let alone what you truly desire. I know what it feels like to fall victim to the delusion that this is all I deserve while simultaneously fearing I'll lose what I have gained thus far.

For years, I struggled to find the confidence to take action. My goals came at the expense of my serenity too often. I felt guilty for wanting more.

As a woman in recovery, I have woken up to the reality that it's completely healthy to strive and grow towards new goals and dreams. And that 'getting more' does not bring lasting peace and happiness - being more does.

If you're like me, you want to reach your goals and dreams wholly, experiencing fulfillment along the way. You know deep down that unless you're able to become more, your accomplishments will never be enough.

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Teaching and being sober over the last 18 years I've experienced two universal truths.

Every solution is found within. We've been taught a million ways not to go there.

We make the fatal mistake of continually searching outside of ourselves for answers. Believing we will find happiness, success, and become 'worthy enough' once we get one more...fill in the blank. Never feeling completely satisfied with what we accomplish.

My mission is to empower you through the self-awareness process in an inspiring environment with a voice of clarity. Exploring and releasing your extraordinary Self, you can finally get busy serving our world with your original blend of wisdom.

Coaching Programs

"As a seasoned meditator, Elizabeth reminded me to keep it simple. She provided hands on, real time experience in different types of meditation. In a safe, gentle way, Elizabeth has the gift to bring the complex into simple terms."


"Elizabeth has a beautiful and gentle way of presenting her experience with and understanding of meditation to everyone, from the longtime practitioner, to those who are just beginning to explore the benefits of this powerful practice."

Long-time meditation practitioner

"Elizabeth's course helped me to learn the truth of the Psalm, "Be still and know that I am God." Thank you, Elizabeth for your time and willingness to share your passion for Spiritual Practice with others."


"Since starting to work with Elizabeth, I have felt my meditation practice expand. I never get bored with the content she creates. It is new every day and Elizabeth shares her life experiences authentically. Elizabeth is a great coach for those who are willing to grow."

Kelli Touchstone


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