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Why I Meditate with Kate Chapman

Kate currently lives in Houston, Texas. Here’s what she has to say about meditation:

How long have you been meditating?

I have been meditating for about seven and a half years.

How often do you practice meditation?


What’s your average meditation time?

I meditate 5-10 minutes.

Why did you begin meditation?

I began meditating because it was suggested to me as an essential prerequisite to having sane and centered days.

Why do you continue to meditate?

I continue to meditate because of the way it makes me feel. All anxiety, drama and delusion fall away. Whatever mental chatter I wake up with stops threatening me. I get intuitive thoughts of actions to take or solutions to problems. I unify my body and mind through the breath. I become the best version of myself and one in my purpose of being a force for good and health in the world.

What has been your result with meditation practice?

My revelation after following the suggestion was that it worked. There really is an inner voice in me that knows the way forward. My past experiences and principles of living I prize are within me and available as a guidepost that can be accessed. Every time I meditated, I felt like I no longer had burdens—that everything was already okay within me and outside of me.

Within each meditation around minute three or four, I felt a clarity around my role in my life, the futility of trying to change others or circumstances, joy despite whatever external situation was presenting itself, faith that the progression of time would get me through the challenge, compassion for people and situations that weighed on me and especially now, a continued awakening of where next I need to grow.

Do you meditate alone or with others?

I generally meditate alone, although I love meditating with others. There is a meditation in a glass chapel on Sunday nights I would like to commit to attending.

Where’s your favorite meditation spot?

My favorite mediation spot is outside when the weather is pleasant and lovely. Generally, I sit up in bed if I’m meditating indoors.

What type of meditation do you find most helpful?

I find guided meditations helpful and using the breath as an anchor for mindfulness.

What has stillness taught you?

Stillness has taught me an ability to dwell in gentleness and calm rather than frenzy and fear. I can show up imperfectly, and the world does not end. I’m able to be present uncomfortably and be helpful anyway. Stillness is the answer to every question or “problem” and all pain. Even when I abandon my practice for a day or refuse to get out of bed, stillness offers me acceptance of where I am and the ever-present opportunity to rededicate. Because wherever I go, there I am, I can bring stillness with me. I practice it when I am not meditating—when I’m at work, listening to a difficult conversation, driving, and when I am trying to fall asleep.

I find that when I bring stillness into my relationships with others, there is space for whatever is fully human and real to be expressed safely. I want to offer this to those I love and be able to let them benefit from the way I do not take up all the space in the room.

Currently I’m practicing stillness by abstinence from reacting and arguing one day at a time on a social media platform because I have found that I am unable to be still when I engage in that behavior. I don’t feel still when I’m seeking to be right or win people’s opinions.

I used to think integrity was being honest in the world and not being deceptive or stealing. Now I think integrity begins inside where stillness lives and ripples outward based upon how I amend my behavioral surroundings to match my inner voice. The inner voice seeks calm, not conflict. By not producing conflict, I can meet conflict that may arise with steady and detached integrity from the core within, rather than trying to use the external world to change reassure the inner voice.

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