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Allow yourself to BE fulfilled already

Are you tired? Do you regularly find yourself frantically running from thing to thing? If so, I can relate.

By the age of fifteen, I'd mastered the art of searching for happiness outside of myself. I was confident that I'd find fulfillment if I had the 'right' relationship, the 'perfect' job, and friends who 'really' understood me. In the meantime, I numbed my misery in bottles of alcohol, blaming others, binge eating, and in a myriad of other ways.

The delusion that fulfillment was something outside of myself had me by the throat. Unfortunately, I learned the inaccuracy of this misconception through years of pain.

I hate to break it to you, but the idea that fulfillment arrives when you finally get your dream relationship or your three-story home or work that 'truly fulfills' you are a sham.

Our culture confuses success with fulfillment. Fulfillment is not something we obtain as it already resides within us.

Fulfillment is not about having more, better, or more beautiful things - it’s about knowing and appreciating who you really are rather than who you 'wish' yourself to be.

We experience fulfillment by exploring and discovering who we indeed are and stay consciously connected to the powerful inner resource we all have within.

The constant desire to want or need more in your life is understandable to an extent. But why aren’t the things in your life, right now, enough? At what point do you step back and say, “I am enough.”

Striving for 'future fulfillment' results in frequent disappointment, exhaustion, and stress in all areas of our life. How can we experience fulfillment in our lives today as we journey towards our goals and accomplishments?

3 Tips to Discover Fulfillment and Relax

You've Got to Dip In

Everything you need is sitting inside of you, waiting and wanting so desperately to awaken.

You are infinite so act like it. Most people neglect the ever-expanding knowledge, love, and power existing inside of themselves because society conditions us to self-sabotage by looking outside and depend on having, wanting, and needing more.

The moment you understand that life isn’t against you, a race, nor a competition to have - you unlock an entirely new world inside of you. Your life becomes more fluid and less fixed. You wake up and realize you're the co-creator of your life.

Fulfillment is possible, and it is so much closer than you think it is. Don’t feel guilty for wanting more beautiful “stuff,” but stop allowing those wants to determine your fulfillment. Owning a fancy car won’t make you happy forever but discovering the source of happiness within yourself will.

Let Go of Someday

It’s easy to get caught up in day-dreams. It’s easy to look at successful people with beautiful things and say, “If I had that much money, I’d be happy,” but happiness and fulfillment aren’t sums of the things we own.

Future tripping is a clear path to failure. To be fulfilled, start living in the now. Make things in your current life brighter and more profound. Tending to yourself and your life at this moment is essential to unlocking the fulfillment already inside of you.

Show Yourself a Little Appreciation

Gratitude is a key to all good things in life. Are you grateful for who you are? When was the last time you showed yourself a little appreciation?

Most of us are patterned to focus on what we need to change. Our self-talk is habitually ungrateful, "If I could just lose the weight or get up earlier in the morning or get that promotion."

Do you feel appreciated when someone is continually critiquing you?

Through the practice of self-appreciation, inner exploration and curiously you will repattern yourself. Cultivating a relationship within releases your negative gangsta, creating a natural soil where true fulfillment can grow.

As we overflow with gratitude, it spills out into our relationships, community, and the world. And the more goodness we put out into the world - the more we receive.

Begin digging inside of yourself, and trust that by pouring gratitude into who you are today, will ultimately tap you into an eternal inner fountain to dance in. The fulfillment you’re searching for already exists so muster up the courage and set it free.

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